Judith Leemann: current projects


object lessons at WOUND 

[October 13-November 9, 2016, 41 Cooper Square, NYC]

Objects used across several strands of object lessons return for an exhibition of tools for mending time and attention. Originally used in generating video didactics, the tools now come forward without those videos and make themselves available for uptake in other kinds of work. 

Curated by Caroline Woolard and Stamatina Gregory, WOUND aims to mend time and attention by providing (1) practice spaces for groups, (2) a study center for sculptural tools, and (3) free trainings in practices of listening, attention, and collaboration.

October 29th 4pm in the gallery, Kenneth Bailey and I will lead a workshop on Analogical Mapping & Indirect Procedures. RSVP here.


relations, and relations of relations

season viii of reading aloud.

Spring 2016 sees the return of reading aloud. This time after reading a playing enters, musical response becoming ground, Joel Mason on guitar.


"Pragmatics of Studio Critique"

Forthcoming in Beyond Critique: Contemporary Art in Theory, Practice, and Instruction, Edited by Pamela Fraser and Roger Rothman